Q. How many wasps will be in the nest?

 A. Wasps nests start with a single queen. Once established a wasps nest will contain an average 6,000 + wasps. 50,000 wasps in a single wasps nest is not uncommon.


Q. How long does a treatment take?

A. Our skilled technician with the latest professional equipment will usually have your wasps nest treated within 15 minutes.


Q. How long before all the wasps / hornets are dead?

A. Wasps / Hornets always return to the queen wasp after every flight. Generally most wasps will have returned within an hour of treatment and will soon die after coming in to contact with the professional powders that we are licensed to use.


Q. Is the treatment guaranteed?

A. Yes. After 24hrs we would return free of charge. NB: It is very rare we fail with the initial treatment.


Q. Are the powders/chemicals safe around humans/pets etc. ?

A. Yes. 


Q. Is the price guaranteed?

A. Yes. No matter how high or awkward we will only charge £59.00. Additional wasps nests treated during the same visit are half price.


Q. Could I treat the wasps nest myself?

A. Yes, you could. Most hardware stores stock wasp killer products. The difficulty is you need to get right to the entrance of the wasp nest. Without the right protective clothing this is extremely dangerous as the wasps will defend their nest and queen to the bitter end.  Is it worth the risk of getting stung hundreds of times or falling from a ladder? The Wasp Guys would prefer you stay safe. Many customers have attempted treatments themselves and ended up in A&E. Then called the professionals.

Q. Does Nick's Wasp Nest Removal kill bees?

A. Only in extreme circumstances and we would always liaise with the British Bee Keepers Association first. Generally a swarm of bees can be relocated quite easily by a local beekeeper who we can contact for you.


Q. Do all wasps sting?

A. No. Only the female wasps can sting. 


Q. Aren't all wasp nest removal companies basically the same?

A. No. It is important to get a wasps nest removal company that is fully insured, guaranteed, CRB checked and has a reliable reputation.

Interesting fact: The largest wasps nest found in the UK was above a pub in Southampton and measured 6ft by 5ft and was estimated to contain half a million wasps.  The largest wasps nest in the world was found in 2013 in Tenerife and measured 22ft.



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