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Weekly Blog

Stay tuned here to keep up to date with our activities and your weekly dose of wasp-related news!

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15/06/20 - New LinkedIN Business Page

Check out our new LinkedIN business page by just clicking the image on the left! We like everyone to know that we are a family-run and local business, offering a friendly, cheap and efficient service to our customers.

Nests are growing rapidly at this time of year, so keep an eye out!

For any wasp-related queries please contact us on 07761 232470.

14/06/20 - New Wasp Video

Check out our new wasp video on the left!


Please call us if you want us to destroy any nest on your property: 07761 232470.


We offer a cheap and efficient service - no need to pay hundreds for a simple wasp treatment!


10/06/20 - Free Advice!

Nests are rapidly growing in size with some already housing a couple of thousand young wasps. This last week we have seen nests vary in size from a golf ball to a small football!

We would always recommend you use a professional to get rid of a wasp nest but if you attempt it yourself we can offer free advice over the phone.  Just call us on: 07761 232470 or contact us through the "Contact Us" section above!

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24/05/20 - YouTube Channel!

Make sure you check out our awesome new YouTube channel "The Wasp Guys", where we aim to be posting weekly!

Click the image on the left to take a look at the introduction video to The Wasp Guys, showing off the work we do in the local community!

Remember that if you have a nest you need removing, please do not hesitate to contact us.


19/05/20 - Working Hard

Even in these uncertain times we are still working as pest control have been classed as key workers. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you suspect you might have a nest.

Make sure you like The Wasp Guys Herefordshire Facebook page for the chance to win a £50 giveaway in cash! Winners will be drawn next Monday.

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