Your safety is of paramount importance to THE WASP GUYS.

Wasps can be extremely dangerous and wasps will attack in groups to protect their wasp nests and the queen wasp.

In very rare cases a single sting can cause an anaphylactic shock.

If a reaction is caused by a wasp sting, medical attention should be sought immediately.

Wasps generally emerge from hibernation between March and June. 

The Queen Wasp will then take about 4-6 weeks to build a small nest.

Once established in the nest the Queen can lay as many as a hundred eggs every day, resulting in hundreds of extra wasps each week.

Only female wasps can sting.

The largest wasps nest found in the UK was above a pub in Southampton and measured 5ft by 6ft.

The largest wasps nest found in the world measured an incredible 22ft in Tenerife in 2013.

Previous largest wasps nest in the world was found in New Zealand in 1967 and measured 12ft.


The Wasp Guys (Nick's Wasp Nest Removal) have been a member of Checkatrade since 2010 and are extremely proud of our customer feedback.  Most of our customers are through recommendation.

Over 530 genuine reviews and a near 10/10 rating. 

Only professionals who have undergone extensive training are licensed to use the necessary chemicals to eradicate a wasps nest safely.

It is illegal to use shop bought powders professionally.

Don't get stung by unlicensed advertisers offering cheap prices. Saving a few pounds could cost you dearly. 

What do we do outside of wasp season?

We provide the same level of professional services for a range of maintenance requirements which can be viewed below.

Guttering, painting and decorating, jet washing services etc.


Guaranteed price and specials

Our impeccable reputation means we now have an extremely large customer base for wasp nest removal, and this has enabled us to keep our prices competitive.

All treatments are 100% guaranteed. Very rarely a second treatment is required. This is provided free of charge.

Save money with The Wasp Guys


On occasions more than one wasp nest can be found on a single property. The Wasp Guys are proud to offer a huge 50% discount on any subsequent wasps nests found during a single visit.

Further discounts are offered for multiple wasps nests. 

19 was our record on a single property up until 2018 when we destroyed 24 wasp nests and 2 hornet nests on one property inc sheds and outhouses. This was a very large property, but we also once destroyed 12 active nests on a 3 bedroom property. 


Contact Nick at Wasp Nests Removal for a free estimate.

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Areas We Cover
Although based in Oxted , The Wasp Guys cover most of Surrey and neighbouring borders which includes:  Tandridge, Epsom, Horley, Bletchingley, Caterham, Crawley, Cobham, Abinger Hammer, Dorking, Edenbridge, Copthorne, East Grinstead, Godstone, Gomshall, Kenley, Croydon, Limpsfield, Lingfield, Purley, Ottershaw, Kingswood, Betchworth, Tatsfield. Waldingham, Warlingham, Westcott, Westerham, Wooton, Guildford, Woking and everywhere inbetween.  And now the whole of Herefordshire
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